• July 21, 2024

[WATCH] Men With ‘Guards Up’ Quickly Grab Phone To Record Officer Approaching Them

 [WATCH] Men With ‘Guards Up’ Quickly Grab Phone To Record Officer Approaching Them

When men and women become police officers, they make a vow: they will protect and serve any way they can, keeping law-abiding citizens safe and sound and catching the people who cause them harm and distress.

But according to one new Berkeley cop, being an officer is much more than that.

Officer Robert Howard has only been a cop for three months, but he’s already making an impact on his community, and even on people all over the country.

He pulled up to a group of young men, including Ronaldo Butler. They were outside his house when they saw the officer approach them, and they immediately put their guard up, thinking that they would be in trouble.

But Howard wasn’t looking to punish them. Quite the contrary: he simply wanted to introduce himself, and to let the residents of the neighborhood know that he would “be a friend when needed.”

That’s when Butler pulled out his phone, and recorded the officer’s speech about his purpose and his job. Now, the clip has gone viral, and many people are commending this officer for his extra efforts in getting to know the people who count on him to keep the community safe.

Officer Robert Howard is certainly starting his new career on the right foot.

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