Watch Lowes Truck Run Red Light Causing Major Traffic Accident [VIDEO]

A Lowes truck ran a red light in Cape Girardeau, Missouri (Birthplace of Rush Limbaugh) and was hit on the side by a car that had the right of way, causing it to flip and damage a Jeep.

 The driver, who uploaded the video on YouTube, said the truck driver and another person from a struck car were taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

The video shows cars sitting at a red light at an intersection of South Kingshighway.

A gray Jeep waits to turn left in front of the car recording the incident and the clip shows adjacent cars beginning to drive through their green light.

Suddenly, the Lowe’s truck comes into the frame, going through the red light and into the intersection as an oncoming red car speeds through its green light.

The small red car smashes into the side of the truck, sending the truck spinning before flipping over once and landing on its side.

The silver roof of the truck immediately crumples as it slides into the Jeep, which then slowly drives off the road.

Onlookers then emerge from their vehicles to check on the cars involved in the accident.

The driver who uploaded the footage to YouTube said he gave a copy of the video to local police officers for their investigation.

According to local news station KFVS 12, the three-car accident stopped traffic for a short time on Monday morning.

H/T The Mail Online


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