• June 14, 2024

[WATCH] Leaked Footage Of Insane Road Rage Incident Goes Viral All Over Again

 [WATCH] Leaked Footage Of Insane Road Rage Incident Goes Viral All Over Again

Road rage. We’ve all had a moment of frustration where we’ve yelled at someone on the road for not picking up speed like a race car driver (or possibly the other way around).

In fact, a British survey back in 2010 reported that 800 deaths had taken place on the road, directly due to road rage.

But this story is next level…

Authorities in Harris County, Texas are currently investigating a road rage incident which took place on Saturday afternoon (last weekend). A witness, David Dao, said his daughter had been recording on her mobile phone when they pulled up at the 290 intersection and saw a group of people arguing.

Her footage has now captivated the world and gone viral, showing us what real road rage looks like.

 In the video, a man can be seen trying to calm a woman down who is arguing with another man, who is a passenger in a white car.

“When the white car proceeded forward, just a few inches, that aggravated the truck driver because he thought, ‘Oh no you’re not! You’re not going in front of me,’” Dao said.

The truck then moved forward, nearly hitting the woman. She was a passenger in the truck, but had remained outside the vehicle.

The woman is then seen racing back to the white car and saying something to the passenger, before he throws a drink at her. Classy.

The truck driver then hops out of his car and runs up to the white car, kicking the front-grill.

Watch it all here:

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