• June 12, 2024

Husband Is About To Cheat With Wife’s Best Friend, Gets Destroyed When The Door Opens [RAW VIDEO]

 Husband Is About To Cheat With Wife’s Best Friend, Gets Destroyed When The Door Opens [RAW VIDEO]

When an Idaho woman realized that her husband was planning on cheating on her – again – she orchestrated a meeting that would expose his cheating ways. Because he had messaged his wife’s best friend, Sam, on Facebook looking to hook up, the pair arranged for him to meet at Sam’s house where he could be exposed as the scum he is.

As the man knocks at the door, mother Leslie Varner explains everything to the viewers. Her husband is expecting to find Sam here alone and sleep with her behind his wife’s back.

But the cheater has a big surprise in store when his wife opens the door and not her best friend. Watch the real-life drama unfold in the clip below!

When Varner’s husband contacted Sam looking for sex, the best friend informed the wife about what her husband was doing. As a team, they decided to trap him.

Sam messaged him back to lead him on. She invited him over to her house. They made plans to meet.

When the cheating husband knocks on the door, his wife opens up.

“Busted,” Varner says to the 26-year-old cheater, Cody, as she opens the front door. He was expecting Sam, but gets his wife instead, the Daily Mail reports. “F**king busted. I want a divorce.”

Cody laughs at his wife. He claimed that he “knew this would happen.”

After that she starts to ask him questions about his past infidelity. But he seems to care less and shrugs them off.

“It doesn’t matter,” he says when she asks him who else he has been sleeping with.

“It matters ’cause I’m f**king married to you and the mother of your child,” Varner responds. “And you’re laughing ’cause you’re embarrassed as f**k and you look like an a**hole.”

Cody is much more concerned with the fact that this is being filmed. He doesn’t care what his wife thinks, but he probably doesn’t want the other women to know he is married.

Varner tells Cody that the whole time he thought he was flirting with Sam on Facebook, he was actually talking to his own wife.

The mother opens up that she has been sleeping with a man Jared but insists that it is because he was already cheating on her with Crystal, Erica, and Cassie. This family certainly has a lot of problems.

As Cody walks out, Varner yells after him and shouts that adultery is a crime in Idaho – it is punishable by a ine and anywhere from three months to three years in prison.

Hundreds of thousands of viewers have watched Cody preparing to cheat on his lawfully married wife. Here’s what some people wrote in the comments:

“Wow with your kid right there…. Be a responsible parent…”

“I hope the judge makes him pay bigtime.”

“How can you blame the woman for catching her husband cheating on her? Do you really think that way? It’s hard to see how sexist can people be on the internet.”

“He, the husband is a sl*t and a idiot, when she leaves him and wants to move on and find someone else, I’m available just saying”

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