[WATCH] Hillary Clinton Says Chelsea Has PhD. In Public Health, But She Is Wrong

It seems that Hillary Clinton is a bit turned around here.

When speaking about Chelsea today, Hillary claimed that her daughter has a PhD. in Public Health, but she is wrong. As it turns out, Chelsea has a PhD. in International Relations.

Watch the video here:


Via WH Dossier:

One of our astute readers points out to me that Hillary Clinton didn’t get it quite right the other day when discussing Chelsea Clinton’s education.

Talking about the Zika virus the other day, Hillary said she had been alerted to the problem nine months ago because her over-educated daughter Chelsea already knew about it way back then, since she has a PhD in public health.

Alas, Chelsea does not have a PhD in public health. Her PhD is in international relations. She has a Masters degree public health, as well as one in international relations.

Hillary is very confused and it seems that whatever her condition is it is worsening daily. I wonder if she will ever drop out of the race because of it?

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