[WATCH] Four Teens Approach Farm Owner, To Escape A Life of Crime As Gangmembers

There isn’t a kid I know who doesn’t look forward to their summer vacation. It’s the glorious time they spend time out of school, outside, in the warmth, and with friends. Life can continue forever in this way, and we can almost guarantee that they will be perfectly content!

But for many kids and teens, especially those in neighborhoods that are not affluent, summer vacation can be a very dangerous time. The boredom and the freedom can lead to poor decisions made because of bad influences. These kids risk getting involved in criminal activity as members of gangs.

Though this choice isn’t made lightly, some kids take their futures in their own hands. They try their best to avoid such a dangerous situation, and try finding jobs – which isn’t always easy.

Zsa Zsa Heard, who works for a local housing authority in Georgia, was approached by four middle schoolers looking for jobs.

Their reason? They just wanted to stay out of trouble while school was out.

Touched by their request, she gave them jobs on an urban farm, where they are learning key values: responsibility, the value of hard and honest work, and the power of determination!

Hopefully, these inspirational teens will take these lessons beyond the farm, and into their adult lives.

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