• July 23, 2024

Mother Says She Was Attacked Unprovoked, THIS Video Shows Otherwise [WATCH]

 Mother Says She Was Attacked Unprovoked, THIS Video Shows Otherwise [WATCH]

Police have released surveillance video from an alleged attack at a Memphis Kroger store on Monday that tells a bit of a different story than the one the alleged victim told WREG on Monday.

Megan Wilson claimed she was attacked unprovoked, by a man standing in line behind her because her transaction was taking too long. But, as the adage goes, there are two sides to every story. The video that Megan Wilson posted online did not tell the whole story and what she told WREG didn’t tell the whole story either.

Newly-released surveillance footage from the Kroger store shows Wilson spill her drink on the man behind her as she turned to leave, which she claims was accidental.

“When I turned to walk away, my hand hit the little thing and it spilled on him,” she said. “And I said, ‘Oh my bad,’ and I turned and went to go grab my cart and he grabbed me by the back of the head and smashed my face into the cart.”

But that’s not exactly what the video shows – her hand doesn’t appear to hit anything before she launches the contents of the can at him – intentionally.

The man can then be seen lunging at Wilson, but what followed next is unclear because it wasn’t in view of the camera.

“Everything kind of went black for a minute and when I came to, I was on the ground,” Wilson said. “So I stumbled to get up and the floor was slippery because obviously when he hit me, my drink went everywhere.”

Wilson – who one might call an “extreme couponer” – told her side of what preceded the struggle to WREG Monday, admitting it took about 20 minutes for her to check out as she went through her sizable coupon collection.

“He started shouting, ‘Come on, there’s other people out here. Nobody has time for this,’” she said. “I do carry a binder with a filing system in it. And then I usually also have a duffel bag or a large purse-type bag that I carry full inserts and things like that in.”

Wilson claims the man began harassing her before the alleged attack because he was tired of waiting.

According to the police, Wilson had a small scratch on her forehead and refused medical treatment, but she told WREG she has a possible cracked rib, a hip strain, bruises and a knot on her head.

Now after having been the one to escalate the altercation, Wilson is wanting Kroger to step up and take action.

“I want them to be aware and I want them to help keep their customers safe and I want this man to pay for what he did,” she said. “You know, justice.”

According to WREG, on Wednesday they attempted to reach Wilson for comment about the surveillance video that was released but it is unknown if they have heard back from her.

The police are still reportedly looking for the man in the video.

Source: Fox 8 Cleveland

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