• July 22, 2024

[WATCH] Cellphone Use Or Sleeping With Cellphone Near Can Be Hazardous

 [WATCH] Cellphone Use Or Sleeping With Cellphone Near Can Be Hazardous

Having a cell phone is an essential part of living in today’s world, however not all phones are made the same, and some have many more problems than others, and some of those problems can really hurt.

In a recent case, a 13 year old girl had contracted second degree burns from using her cellular device, and her mother has come out to social media, talking about the situation to warn other users of the potential dangers of these devices.

Jackie Fedro lives in a Chicago suburb with her family of 6.  Her 13 year old daughter, Gabbie, had reached the age when they saw it fit for her to get a phone, so they bought Gabbie the T-Mobile LG d500 for Christmas.


When Gabbie was using the phone in her room one day, Jackie heard her scream, and rushed upstairs to find that the phone had burned her on the neck.


“She came running downstairs after it [happened] grabbing her neck,” Jackie said. “She was in so much pain she was screaming hysterically.”

The way the injury happened is quite unsuspecting.  Gabbie was using her phone while it was plugged into a wall charger.  The charger touched her necklace, which transmitted an electrical current around her neck, effectively burning her.


Cell phone injuries are rare, but they do happen and there are several cases a year documented concerning injuries from cell phones.

Typically, cell phone injuries happen from the phone’s lithium ion battery overheating.

Typically, one of the biggest dangers is when you purchase a third party charger for your device instead of using the manufacturer provided charger.


The phone was purchased new from a T-Mobile store, and still managed to cause these burns.

Jackie had reached out to LG and T-Mobile in an attempt to get the situation sorted out, and at least get a new phone!

LG did not respond, however T-Mobile offered to pay her medical bills, and send her a new phone, as long as Jackie could ship Gabbie’s old phone back to the store for testing.


These are some really terrible burn marks.  Be sure to watch out for a short circuit!


Jackie has reached out about the incident and hopes it encourages other people to take extra vigilance when using their devices.

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