Biden Just Had Another Close Call And They Are ALREADY Scrubbing The Video!

 Biden Just Had Another Close Call And They Are ALREADY Scrubbing The Video!

For months, the media has been trying to sell to the American people that Joe Biden is fit as a fiddle and that he garnered 80 million votes to trounce Donald Trump. Though what sad about that is that people actually believe it too! We have seen in just the short time that Biden has been in office he bumbles his way through speeches and tripping walking up the stairs of Air Force One multiple times.

Now, Biden was caught again on camera tripping up the stairs again, but this time he caught himself before falling flat on his face.



The harrowing incident was captured by Caleb Hull. It may just be the saddest video of his administration.

It seems that Biden’s legs buckle underneath him while he was struggling to carry a bag and hold an umbrella. Biden couldn’t even hold onto the rail because his hands were full. It looked like he might have a repeat of the debacle in mid-March when he fell repeatedly up the stairs in full view of the world.


The 78-year-old Biden had to cling to the guardrail to keep from falling completely each time.

He fell a total of three times. All of the soldiers and dignitaries stood and merely watched as the president struggled to make it up the stairs. Just like they did as he walked up the stairs today and nearly fell again.

Biden once mocked Trump and boasted he could climb up ramps better than the former president. Apparently not.



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