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The fraud that the Democrats committed in the 2020 election will soon be revealed now that the Arizona audit has just been completed.

We are just a few steps away from verifying just how massive the fraudulent voting was in this state which will give us a pretty good gauge of how it was across the country.

The paper analysis is a great way for this to be done and it will continue since as we all know the devil is in the tiniest of details.

Now, I know that many people have said that a recount would not do much since it is counting the same ballots that are fraudulent. Well, an audit is different and they are not just counting the same ballots that are the ones we are all contesting.

This wasn’t just paper ballots being dumped in precincts but it was much more elobraote.

This was one of the biggest frauds in an election that we have ever seen.

Here’s the latest on the audit:

Newsmax shed more light on the audit procedures:

Every ballot reviewed by the auditors goes through distinct stages, starting with a simple count. One by one, ballots are placed on rotating stands in the middle of each table, and each one is viewed and counted by three separate people, whose independent tallies must line up. Each batch has 50 ballots, and once all of them are counted they’re boxed, sealed, and marked with the name of each counter, much like an evidence label.

The box is then taken to a locked cage until it is ready for review at the next station.

Next, the ballots undergo digital imagery examination, which is done at such a high resolution that it’s almost better than reviewing the ballot itself, because you can zoom in without losing resolution.

When I was there, one of the auditors showed me an example of a ballot that was flagged as suspicious because every single oval was filled out perfectly, without a single stray mark – something that would be easy for a machine to accomplish, but is almost impossible to do by hand.

Fox 10 Phoenix reports:

A Republican-led hand recount of ballots cast in Arizona’s most populous county hit a major milestone Monday when counters finished tallying all the regular ballots cast in November’s presidential and U.S. Senate election, the Arizona Senate’s liaison said.

Ken Bennett, a Republican former secretary of state who has been monitoring the contractors actually recounting the 2.1 million ballots, said all that remains are a small number of boxes filled with Braille, large-type, overseas military and duplicated ballots.

Bennett didn’t give a count for the remaining ballots, but they are a tiny fraction of the hundreds of boxes of ballots that were toted to the state fairgrounds in April. Counting was expected to only take a few weeks but ended up taking nearly two months.

“We have probably by the end of today essentially completed the counting, but there are other aspects of the audit that could happen simultaneously,” said Bennett.

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