[WATCH] 6yo Thinks Cops Hate Her, Until The Cops Saw Her Viral Facebook Post

6-year-old Sydney Brown loves police officer and dreams of being one when she is grown up.

Though Sydney looks up to cops, her dreams were crushed when an officer refused to give her a hug. She didn’t know why he wouldn’t and she began to think that police officers didn’t like her.

Her mother hadn’t thought much of the interaction, but when she saw how upset Sydney was, she knew she needed to find a way for Sydney to know that she should still love the police.

Her mother posted online about the experience and started a campaign for her daughter, called Hugs for Sydney. She was hopeful that her daughter could get at least one hug!

The Suffolk Police Department saw Sydney’s story online and they instantly wanted to reassure her that the police loved her! They set up a special day for Sydney, where she got all of the hugs she could ever want from the police.

Not only did Sydney get to finally hug a cop, she also was showered in gifts! Until she gets a badge of her own, she now has a special badge from the Suffolk Police Department so she can serve and protect.

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