• July 16, 2024

Washington Post Unveils The FBI Official Being Investigated For Falsifying Doc, Then DELETES It!

 Washington Post Unveils The FBI Official Being Investigated For Falsifying Doc, Then DELETES It!

It was reported last evening by Right Scoop that IG Horowitz discovered that an FBI official was being criminally investigated for falsifying a document regarding the surveillance of Carter Page.

Now, today we are learning more about this, including the identity of the FBI official in question:

FOX NEWS – Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz has found evidence that an FBI lawyer manipulated a key investigative document related to the FBI’s secretive surveillance of a former Trump campaign adviser — enough to change the substantive meaning of the document, according to multiple reports.

The new evidence concerning the altered document, which pertained to the FBI’s FISA court warrant application to surveil Page, is expected to be outlined in Horowitz’s upcoming report. CNN first reported the news, which was largely confirmed by The Washington Post.

In the original reporting, CNN didn’t indicate which document was falsified. But now we know it was indeed the FISA warrant.

But wait, there’s more…

The Post, hours after publishing its story, conspicuously removed the portion of its reporting that the FBI employee involved was underneath Peter Strzok, the FBI’s since-fired head of counterintelligence. The Post did not offer an explanation for the change, which occurred shortly after midnight. Earlier this week, the DOJ highlighted a slew of anti-Trump text messages sent by Strzok when he was leading the Hillary Clinton email investigation and the probe into the Trump campaign.


Of course, Wapo deleted it, so it might be a good idea to be cautious in regards to saying this with certainty. I suspect they were accurate in their original reporting and then took it out after threats from Strzok’s lawyers or something. I’m just guessing because they didn’t say why they removed it.

In any event, now that we have cause to believe it was Strzok, listen to this by Preet Bharara on CNN reacting to the news last night:

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