Washington Operative Says Trumps Have Signed Divorce Papers But Not Filed Yet [VIDEOS]

Claude Taylor, a Washington DC democrat claims that Donald and Melania Trump signed divorce papers that included a settlement agreement, but that they didn’t file the paperwork after Trump won the election.  Taylor says he worked on three presidential campaigns and worked as a staffer in the Clinton White House.  I personally take this with a grain of salt but over the last couple of days, Melania has pushed Donald’s hand away twice when he tried to hold her hand, once in Tel Aviv and again in Rome.

According to Newsweek, Taylor is a Washington Democrat who has made controversial tweets in the past, including one about a federal grand jury being assigned to look into Trump’s alleged connections to Russia. Another tweet claimed the Trump family was moving money offshore.

 Taylor has been responding to comments made on his tweet about the Trumps alleged divorce.

“Would love to know where they filed at,” one user wrote, of which Taylor responded, “Papers signed. Not filed. That’s all I was told.”

“A reporter well known to many said this to me. If they were ready to go on the record with it they would have reported it themselves,” he wrote in response.

When asked whether he trusts the MSM source, Taylor said, “My sense is that a lot of reporters know about it but no one has gotten clearance from [editors] to run story.”

Taylor does not provide any proof for the story, but that has not stopped his tweet from going viral. It has been retweeted more than 4,500 times, and liked by more than 8,100 users.

The tweet was also posted around the same time as a video surfaced of the Trumps in Israel wherein it appears that the first lady swats away her husband’s hand when he tries to reach out for her while walking on the tarmac.

The footage has been viewed more than 5.2 million times since it was uploaded to YouTube.

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