Was Rap Legend Coolio About To Expose Child Trafficking Before His Death…

In case you haven’t heard, Coolio was announced dead yesterday at age 59.

When I first heard the news, I thought what you all probably thought: another victim of the poison jab?

And I’m not ruling it out, but the more I’ve dug into it today, it looks like something else altogether.

Was this man murdered?

Before we jump into those details, for anyone saying, “who is Coolio?” I have to pause and back up a moment.

Coolio was a rapper known for his song Gangsta’s Paradise, also featured in the movie Dangerous Minds with Michelle Pfeiffer.

I have the video below, and I bet you will likely recognize the song.

Also, how is the 90s this?

I love it:

So now that we’re all up to speed on who he was and the news of his death, I have to show you everything coming out today.

Coolio was ready to expose some sick and twisted people for sex perversions and sex trafficking.

That’s not just my guess. That’s him in his own words shortly before his death:

Coolio was planning on exposing the industry and he told his confidants that he was afraid what they might do to his family in April of this year.

And now he’s dead.

What are the chances? They did CPR on him for 45 minutes straight according to news sources. That seems like an awful long time.

“Some big top hats in the industry were coming at him (Coolio) asking for sex. They were coming at him talking about child trafficking…we were gonna expose it all.”

I have a couple of shorter clips to start with, and then I have the full-length videos too below:

Should we just start saying it now?  “Coolio did not kill himself” and “Coolio did not die of natural causes”?

It looks really bad:

A lot of people are talking about how each story highlights that they did CPR on him for 45 minutes.

Many people are saying that it seems like a weird number and a long time.

Are any medics out there able to weigh in?

Is this unusual?

Because a lot of people think it’s a comm to show perhaps he’s not dead but has been “taken off the map,” so to speak, and placed in safe hiding for his testimony:


From YahooNews:

Coolio died at age 59 on September 28, 2022. It’s reasonable to wonder how Coolio died and what his cause of death was given that the life expectancy of men in the United States is 78 (that number is lower for Black individuals at 74). The rapper, most famous for “Gangsta’s Paradise”, released in 1995, passed away suddenly at the Los Angeles home of his friend and longtime manager Jarez Posey.

Coolio was born Artis Leon Ivey Jr. in Pennsylvania south of Pittsburgh in August 1963. He moved to Compton, California, and fell into the drug scene as a young adult, but pulled himself out of it by becoming a volunteer firefighter. Coolio also held a job as security at Los Angeles International Airport before becoming a rapper full-time and making a significant mark on the underground scene. His first single was released in 1987 titled “Whatcha Gonna Do?” but signing with Tommy Boy Records in 1994 was when his career began to take off. It Takes a Thief was Coolio’s debut solo record and the lead single “Fantastic Voyage” peaked at Number 3 on the Billboard Top 100 charts. It also received heavy rotation on MTV (arguably the Golden Age of the network) and became one of the biggest rap singles of the year.

Coolio’s most significant hit came with the song “Gangsta’s Paradise”, which was released in 1995 and featured R&B singer L.V. for the film Dangerous Minds. It sat at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 for three weeks and continues to be one of the most enduring tracks of all time. It was even covered by musical comedian “Weird Al” Yankovic, which caused controversy because Coolio claimed Yankovic never sought permission to make his parody “Amish Paradise”. The Grammy winner was confident in his legacy. “I think at the end of the day when it’s all said and done, I’ll be held in the top ten hip hop performers in history,” he told GrooveOn magazine in 2009. Coolio’s success also makes his early death that much more surprising. So how did Coolio Die and what was his cause of death? Read on for what we know.

How did Coolio die?

Though his cause of death has not officially been released, it’s believed he died of a heart attack. According to CNN, emergency responders answered a call at 4 p.m. local time for a medical emergency, they found Coolio unresponsive and performed “resuscitation efforts for approximately 45 minutes,” Erik Scott of the Los Angeles Fire Department confirmed. The patient “was determined dead just before 5:00 p.m.” Forty to 50 percent of heart attacks present with a “fatal event”, according to Dr. Chawla on LiveWell. “People ignore symptoms, which are usually taking place for weeks or months before finally having a heart attack with complete blockage. At that point, the heart isn’t getting blood and it can go into a life-threatening rhythm, which presents as cardiac arrest.”

Or was he the victim of the poison jab?

Here he is talking about secret societies, sex trafficking,

and how he was planning to expose it all.



In case that gets deleted…

Key part backed up to Rumble:

Coolio was ready to expose the secret societies like the Masons for their creepy sex perversions.


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