• May 24, 2024

Waitress Claims Denny’s Won’t Hand Over A $4,000 Tip She Received

 Waitress Claims Denny’s Won’t Hand Over A $4,000 Tip She Received

In February, Shikira Edwards, a waitress at Denny’s in Memphis, was informed by her manager that a customer had left her a $4,000 tip.

However, she claims that the restaurant has yet to give her the money. She stated that the manager told her that they needed to track down the customer to ensure that the amount given was legit.

Edwards told Fox 13: “You’re going to tell me that it’s my fault that I didn’t get the information on a customer when they left and tipped me.”

“I don’t know who tipped me,” she said tearfully.

Edwards has worked for the restaurant for the past three years to put herself through dental school. She said she plans to sue the restaurant if she does not get the money.


However, the restaurant told Dailymail.com that it has “conducted a thorough investigation into this matter and has discovered the tip in question was made in error.”

“It was ultimately determined that the guest, who is elderly and unfamiliar with the debit system used at this location, entered a tip amount of $4,451.61 when he intended to leave a $4 tip on his bill. Denny’s would like to make it clear that we would never withhold tips or wages from any of our employees. However, Denny’s also has an obligation to ensure that our guests are charged the proper amount for their meals. In this case, Denny’s was obliged to investigate and verify the guest did in fact intend to leave such a large tip.


Denny’s has met with Ms. Edwards and advised her of the outcome of the investigation and we understand the disappointment our server must feel in receiving this news. We have also taken steps to ensure that staff is better equipped to handle similar situations in the future. Denny’s is committed to both our guests and our employees and will always seek to provide the fairest and most reasonable resolution under any circumstances.”

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