• February 22, 2024

Wait, What? Lizzy Warren Is Now Coming For The Sandwich Shops…

 Wait, What? Lizzy Warren Is Now Coming For The Sandwich Shops…

Sen. Elizabeth Warren wants your assault sandwiches, so it’s about time.

Yes, the quiet, little sandwich shops will disappear due to these large, corporate sandwiches of war. Control the sandwich now! And put an end to $5 foot-longs!

Tom Joyce of the Washington Examiner pointed out that Elizabeth Warren was retaliating against the news that private equity firm Roark Capital is buying Subway in an opinion piece published on Monday and captioned “Elizabeth Warren wants to break up Big Sandwich.”

What makes a difference? As it happens, Roark already owns many sandwich shops, including Jimmy John’s, Arby’s, McAlister’s Deli, and Schlotzky’s.

The senior senator from Massachusetts and the master regulator say that’s an issue.

“We don’t need another private equity deal that could lead to higher food prices for consumers,” Warren said in a social media statement Sunday.

“The @FTC is right to investigate whether the purchase of @SUBWAY by the same firm that owns @jimmyjohns and @McAlistersDeli creates a sandwich shop monopoly.”

Warren linked to a Nov. 21 article from Politico in which the outlet noted the FTC “is investigating if the $10 billion purchase of Subway creates a sandwich shop monopoly” and that the investigation “is emblematic of the agency’s increased focus under FTC Chair Lina Khan on both deal-making by private equity firms and prices of consumer staples.”

Why is Warren’s antipathy toward “big sandwich” a problem? Consider that she’s a prominent member of the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs, where — as per her website — she “works on legislation related to financial services and the economy.”

Otherwise, this is not just a meaningless threat.

Yes, some conservatives did downplay the threat in question.

Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio, the chair of the House Judiciary Committee, cautioned that Warren and the Democrats have attempted to seize power before.

“First, they came for your guns,” Jordan posted Wednesday.

“Then, they came for your gas cars. Then, they came for you gas stoves. Then, they came for your heaters. Then, they came for your pizza. Now, they’re coming for your sandwiches.

“Today’s Left is out of control,” he concluded.

And, in an opinion piece by James Freeman in The Wall Street Journal published on Monday, the author and Journal editor said that Warren “is cheering on some equally misguided Biden administration regulators.”

Warren, he noted, “has finally acknowledged the disappointing results from ObamaCare’s attempt to reduce prices by regulating insurer profits. But don’t expect the senator to stop promoting misguided market interventions, no matter how ludicrous.”

He then pointed to Joyce’s “big sandwich” Op-Ed in the Examiner as to why this is so ludicrous: “A monopoly exists when one company has total control of a commodity or service. Creating a sandwich shop monopoly is nearly impossible in a country of over 330 million people. Independent sandwich shops, grocery stores, restaurants, food trucks, and sandwich chains not owned by Roark Capital exist throughout the country, including Massachusetts,” Joyce wrote.

“Also, most people, including children, know how to make a sandwich. Many people even pack homemade sandwiches for lunch when they go to work or school. That said, if someone wanted to start a sandwich shop, he or she could succeed by offering different or better options than shops such as Subway.”

Joyce also had some advice for the senator: “Perhaps Warren should pay more attention to her state and the needs of her constituents.”

However, common sense is scarce in the People’s Republic of Massachusetts, and that’s the problem. This is just an attack on the venerable sandwich, according to their most prominent elected politician. After all, this is a woman whose hands are in a lot of regulatory pies.

Heck, she’ll probably target pies next. Look out, Marie Callender. Your days on top are numbered.


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