Wait, What? ANTIFA Is Suing People For Reporting Things ANTIFA Said?

This leftist cult has been a nuisance in our community and they just get even loud after Biden set in the so-called office. In fact, this leftist cult is involved in many unspeakable controversies.

And just recently they made another headline, but this time it fires back badly. Antifa filed a so-called “patently frivolous” lawsuit against Editor-at-Large of The Post Millennial Andy Ngô.

But it did not go well for the plaintiffs, Antifa activists Grace Morgan and Melissa “Claudio Lewis” have been down in the conversations with their attorneys at Zerner Law about their cases.

This leftist cult filed a lawsuit against Editor Andy Ngo claiming that the editor has violated copyright laws for retweeting their videos while still tagging and crediting them.

Ngo then tweeted in response to the so-called lawsuit:

“Being an effective journalist means people will try to silence you. I was beaten several times by #antifa and now two Antifa videographers in Portland filed a lawsuit against me. Why? Because I retweeted them on Twitter.”

This is such a horrendous act by these leftists after they tried to sue Ngo with $300,000 but later on, it was quietly dismissed after an honest discussion amongst counsel.

Ngo also tweeted why the lawsuits have been withdrawn.

But then, Melissa ‘Claudio’ Lewis posted a delusional optimistic response via Twitter.

Later on, Lewis now claims that she is stepping away for psychological purposes and seeking therapy for her people-pleasing behaviors that have become very foolish and impulsive.

She wrote:

“Hello, I’m actually taking the time everyone has been telling me to take for over a year. A lot of therapy to address some people-pleasing behaviors that can make me extremely foolish and impulsive. I’ll be staying close to my friends and in the backseat for a while.”

Source: The GOP Times


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