Viral Video Reveals Disturbing Act Nurses Performed On Nude, Unconscious Patient

Five healthcare professionals were fired after a video of them reportedly mocking a patient on a surgery table went viral. In the clip, doctors and nurses can be seen dancing and laughing as they prep a patient for surgery. The patient is unconscious and naked on the table as the medical professionals joke around. The clip quickly went viral, and authorities ultimately confirmed that the workers were fired.

“The respect for dignity of every patient is the most important thing in our clinic, therefore we strongly regret the inappropriate [behavior] of those who are working as professionals in the health sector, seen in the video recorded in one of our surgery rooms,” clinic administrators said in a statement.

The administrators added that the employees’ behavior is “against the dignity of the patient and [constitutes] breaking the protocols and the political values of our institution focused on the quality and [humanization] of our service.”

“This is the first time in seven years of good service that we are living a situation like this, and we have taken some measures in order not to repeat these horrific acts,” a spokesman said, reports Daily Mail.

“This infuriates me!” one reader commented on Facebook. “I’ve been a nurse for 35 years and mostly worked in women’s health so I have been up close with many ladies parts and never would I have thought about taking pictures(of course you would have to see some of the tatts and piercings to believe them). When you are at your most vulnerable you should be able to trust the people caring for you. All of these idiots need to be fired, have their license revoked and made to walk to this man’s house naked in the daylight and apologize.”

“Something tragic has or is happening to the morals, respect and dignity of people,” another wrote. “How sad that these so called professionals thought it appropriate to do what was done! They should (if they haven’t already) be fired immediately, and the patient should sue each and everyone of them! I hope the only job they can get is shoveling shit against the tied! I hope they feel like dancing! Bunch if low lives!”

“Fire them all !” another added. “When does any code of Conduct ever come into the work place? People under anesthsia have a right to have those Nurses, Aids and Doctors be held responsible for your care and healing and to leave you lay on a table stark Naked is just unspeakable and a good cause to fire them in charge.”

E. Goldstein

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