Video Exposes Disgusting Act Nurses Performed On NAKED, Unconscious Patient [VIDEO]

A group of five medical professionals have been fired after a viral video leaked online where they were caught mocking and dancing around the unconscious patient who was waiting for surgery.

The group of doctors and nurses can be heard in the video laughing raucously as they danced around the patient at the Santa Cruz de Bocagrande clinic in Bolivar, Colombia.

The footage was recorded by one of the operating team and shows other nurses and medics in scrubs laughing as they shimmy and dance around the patient who was unconscious and lying completely naked face down awaiting surgery on the operating table.

The video quickly gone viral as it reached to the authorities who confirmed that they have terminated the five workers in the video whom they say broke ‘all health protocols’.

The clinic has taken measures to avoid a repeat of the same offensive song and dance, the site noted.

In a statement, clinic bosses said: “The respect for dignity of every patient is the most important thing in our clinic, therefore we strongly regret the inappropriate behavior of those who are working as professionals in the health sector, seen in the video recorded in one of our surgery rooms”.

They continued saying five workers were no longer employed there as a result of the footage as “their actions are against the dignity of the patient and are breaking the protocols and the political values of our institution focused on the quality and humanisation of our service.”

The clinic continued by apologizing, adding that it is “the first time in seven years of good service that we are living a situation like this and we have taken some measures in order not to repeat these horrific acts.”

We trust people in the medical profession to have our best interests in mind when we are undergoing a surgical procedure. We hope that they treat us with dignity and respect when we are under anesthesia because we are entrusting them our lives.


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