• June 16, 2024

Viral Response A Police Officer Shared About Alton Sterling’s Death

 Viral Response A Police Officer Shared About Alton Sterling’s Death

VIA Distractify:

In the wake of the fatal shooting of Alton Sterling, a father selling CDs and DVDs outside a store in Baton Rouge, the Internet is ablaze with everyone’s opinions on police brutality, racism in America, and gun control. This discourse has become alarmingly routine in the United States, as people of color are continually dying at the hands of law enforcement— in fact, Sterling was the 122nd black person to be shot and killed by police in 2016.

 Kayla Roman, a young woman from San Diego, wanted to hear what her father, a police officer of twenty-nine years, had to say on the subject.

Roman asked her dad to give his perspective without holding back, and she tweeted his response.

The tweet went viral almost immediately, receiving thousands of retweets and responses— but very few were in solidarity with Roman’s father.

Roman’s father criticized the public outcry following Sterling’s death, arguing that an inconclusive thirty second video and false media narratives were to blame for mass outrage.


“The only people that know the absolute truth on a situation like that, are the two cops that were there,” he wrote. “People are brainwashed, and believe the media’s false narratives on any given situation.”

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