VIDEO: YouTuber Has Come Up With The PERFECT Deterrent To Package Thieves!

There are several people that live on my street, myself included that have some kind of camera system watching their house.

The reason being is that not so much that we live in a high crime area it’s just that sometimes crime has a tendency to get lost and wonder into our little corner of the world.

Anyway, a few months ago there was an incident where someone that someone that came into the neighborhood tried breaking into every car on our street. It was via the camera feeds of about four or five different people that they were able to catch the guy that did this. This time of year you have to be even more vigilant.

We have either been sending or receiving a package of some kind almost every day since the beginning of the second week of December and every single time there is someone in the house waiting to pick the package up.

We are lucky because we are able to do that but unfortunately there are some people that can’t do that and as such sometimes they get packages stolen. So….what’s someone to do in order to deter people from stealing packages?

Via Breitbart:

A YouTube content creator and former NASA engineer tricked several “porch pirates” intent on stealing delivered packages by placing a bait package rigged with a glitter bomb, fart spray, GPS, and camera outside his house.

In a video, which went viral and amassed over 25 million views, Mark Rober showed off his device before revealing the filmed reactions of thieves opening the package and getting sprayed with glitter and fart spray.

Rober, who reportedly worked on NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover, was inspired to take matters into his own hands after porch pirates stole a real package from outside his home and police allegedly claimed it wasn’t a big enough crime to investigate.

The engineer spent six months working on the fake package device which was then disguised as an Apple HomePod.

As reported by Digital Trends, “The result was exactly what the engineer was hoping for: The glitter goes flying, the fart smells start pouring out, and the thief tosses the box out of their car. All of the action is captured on camera, so you can enjoy in the misery of the porch pirate as they realize instead of a $350 smart speaker, they actually swiped a glitter-filled stink bomb.”

Last week, it was reported that police in Jersey City were using dummy packages in an effort to catch porch pirates.


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