• May 24, 2024

[VIDEO] Woman Outside Walmart Goes Into Labor, Moments Later Baby Spends First 4hrs of Life In Trash Bag

 [VIDEO] Woman Outside Walmart Goes Into Labor, Moments Later Baby Spends First 4hrs of Life In Trash Bag

It was a Christmas gift one mother had no interest in bringing home to her family. Police say a newborn was found in the trash outside a Walmart in Louisiana. Investigators say 34-year-old Kyandrea Thomas was collecting donations for the Salvation Army outside the store when she went into labor, giving birth in the store’s bathroom. The baby was temporarily named her Olivia as she recovers in the hospital.

As reported by LittleThings

AWalmart employee in New Roads, LA, recently noticed a woman run into the store bathroom during busy holiday hours. The woman was bleeding and claimed she was having issues with her menstrual cycle.

The employee said she kindly followed the woman into the bathroom and gave her some extra paper towels before continuing her work shift.

Later that day, another employee went to clean the bathroom and noticed the trash bag was much heavier than she expected. Curious, she peeked inside the trash can and made a horrifying discovery: There, lifeless in the bin, was a newborn baby girl. She was not even four hours old. Her skin was discolored and she wasn’t breathing.

The two employees banded together and called authorities. The baby girl was transferred to a local hospital and was temporarily named Olivia by first responders. Fortunately, she is expected to recover.

Authorities said the “sick” woman, Kyandrea Thomas, abandoned her own daughter in the trash and fled Walmart before checking herself into a hospital for pregnancy complications. They said she could have brought the unwanted baby to a hospital or police department. However, they add that because of her heinous decision, Thomas now faces second-degree attempted murder charges.

The two Walmart employees are being hailed as heroes. Had they not discovered Olivia and acted as fast as they did, authorities believe she would have died in mere minutes.

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