• July 19, 2024

[VIDEO] PSA Ladies: No CCW, No Problem With These Common Purse Items!

 [VIDEO] PSA Ladies: No CCW, No Problem With These Common Purse Items!

We’ve all seen the public service announcements warning us to stay alert when walking alone at night. Someone could mug you!

You might laugh, because these PSAs are often silly and the acting is terrible. But they do send a good message. You need to stay alert when walking alone, not just at night. You can be attacked at any time of day.

Rather than yelling for help, you can try to fight off an attacker if you feel comfortable doing so. The tools to defend yourself might all be right inside your purse, or even in your hand.

The easiest item to use is your cellphone, which you’ll probably already be holding, if someone were to attack you. You can use the phone to strike that person right in their nose and hopefully they’ll be distracted enough from a broken face, you can get away.

If your phone isn’t easy enough to grab, then try for a pen! In a similar move to what you’d do with your cellphone, you can use a pen to smash the attacker in their face. Serves them right!

Along with a pen and a phone, if you happen to carry hairspray, keys, or a brush in your bag, you can see all the ways they can protect you in the video below!

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