VIDEO: Kimmel Cracks Another Joke About Ivanka Trump And It BACKFIRED HORRIBLY!

Traditionally, people used to watch the late night talk shows so they could effectively clear their mind from the stress of the day with a good laugh before they fell asleep.

If you took the number of people that watched the first ten minutes of Johnny Carson back in the day and compared it to the people who watched the last five minutes there would be a steep dropoff.

It’s because most people used to not need to have every single thing be about some hot button issue, some people just wanted to hear a joke every now and again. The problem with today is that everything has to be about everything.

Look at the late night talk shows that are on television now, every single one of them is a dumpfest on the President and his family. Now, that’s not to say that Johnny Carson didn’t take shots at whoever was President at the time. The way he did it though was the way you and a friend might makes jokes towards each other while on a long car ride.

The way that they are doing things now it more or less resembles a drunk trying to insult someone’s wife by yelling across a crowded room.

Via Daily Wire:

On Thursday, late-night host Jimmy Kimmel continued his steady stream of Donald Trump-themed monologues, with a series of partisan takes on the most recent Trump news. While his audience enthusiastically applauded most of his jabs at Trump, one missed the mark with a segment of the audience, who responded with groans to the host going out of his way to drop a sexual joke about Trump’s daughter.

Referencing recent reports that one of the leading candidates to replace Gen. John Kelly as Trump’s chief of staff is none other then Trump’s son-in-law and key adviser Jared Kushner, Kimmel decided to work in a sexual reference to his wife, Ivanka.

“I guess the thinking of [Trump] is: if he’s good enough to screw my daughter, he’s good enough to screw the country,” said Kimmel.

The response from the usually quick-to-laugh audience was mixed, some groaning loudly at the tasteless joke.

“I hope he hires Jared,” Kimmel added, attempting to move on quickly. “I hope he hires Jared and then he fires Jared so we go through the whole thing.”


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