• June 16, 2024

[VIDEO] How To Open A Master Lock In Under 15 Seconds

 [VIDEO] How To Open A Master Lock In Under 15 Seconds

Whether it’s jewelry, important documents, or priceless pictures and mementos, if you have something of value that you wish to keep safe and protected, you keep it under lock and key. That means having to invest in a sturdy lock that you can trust and depend on.

Many people end up turning to Master Lock for their basic home security needs. The name brand is among the top-selling commercial lock manufacturers in the world. If you take a trip to practically any hardware store in the country, you’re basically guaranteed to find the company’s traditional and combination padlocks being sold. If fact, there’s a high probability that you’re using one right now somewhere around the house. After all, they come in handy for many different types of things, from keeping drawers and shed doors secured to bicycles safe.



However, if you are using a traditional Master Lock padlock, you may want to start looking at other options. As it turns out, the very popular and basic Master Lock model is surprisingly easy to breach and can be broken into in a matter of seconds. If you’re wondering just how little effort and time it takes to crack one open, then watch this quick demonstration from YouTuber Bosnianbill. He shows exactly how to pop the lock and virtually anyone can do this. You don’t have to be an expert or criminal mastermind to pull it off, you don’t even need to have any special tools or skills!
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