VIDEO: Former Marine LEVELS Would Be Thug That Tried To Rob His Bar!

One of the things that might be the most satisfying in the world to watch is when you see someone who is trying to rob a place of business and they end up getting tripped up.

Once saw it happen in the most literal of fashions.

I was standing in line at a video store many years ago when a kid looked like he was going to start walking out with some games that he had tucked inside his coat. The employees called out for him to stop and he just kept on going towards the door.

Luckily, this was not a chain store but an individually owned one so they were able to install one of those buttons that locks the doors at the front when you press it and the would be thief tried to jump through the door.

When his head hit the bulletproof glass the door was made of his head bounced up against it and he knocked himself out over a game that was probably a two dollar a night rental. Just goes to show that you should never assume any place of business is going to be an easy target.

H/T Breitbart:

A former Marine working as a bartender in Altoona, Pennsylvania, tackled an armed suspect Tuesday and foiled a robbery.

Fox News reports that the incident occurred at Ajay’s Bar around 1:00 a.m.

The first of two surveillance videos shows the former Marine calmly retrieving money from the cash register while the suspect has him at gunpoint. Seconds later, the former Marine is seen bum-rushing the suspect, driving the suspect to the floor, and wrestling for the gun:

The second surveillance clip shows the former Marine taking the gun away from the suspect, then pistol whipping him/her before accidentally allowing escape.

The Altoona Mirror reports that police are still searching for the suspect, although they do not know whether the suspect is male or female.

Police indicate “the bartender held the robber at gunpoint but when he opened the front door to yell outside for someone to call 911, the robber got up off the floor and ran out a side door.”


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