• July 16, 2024

VIDEO: Crazy SJW Professor Saying That Mowing Your Lawn Is Racist!

 VIDEO: Crazy SJW Professor Saying That Mowing Your Lawn Is Racist!

This is something that when I first saw it really confused me, because I saw it when I sat down after mowing my lawn.

You see, I live in a part of the country where you have to mow your lawn all year. It might not be every week in the winter but at least a couple of times a month.

That being said I live in a pretty cool neighborhood that’s got pretty much every race and creed that one can think of.

About seventy percent of the people in the neighborhood do their own yards except for the really old folks who hire that kind of thing out and aren’t here for half the year anyway because they just come down in the wintertime.

Now, I have a black neighbor who when I talk to him half the time it’s when we are mowing our respective lawns. How am I going to tell this man who I am friends with that he’s a racist now?

Via 100 Percent Fed Up:

Oh yes…You can always count on the social justice warriors to take an absolutely normal thing Americans do and turn it into some sort of offensive and racist act. Is this how they try and keep themselves relevant?

The latest insane issue that’s got the SJW’s all up in arms is that it’s racist to mow your lawn. It’s the ultimate in white supremacy to get out the lawnmower and mow. According to these nutjobs, it’s an aggressive action that says, “stay off my lawn”.

We know this is a stretch but these people are actually giving speeches to discuss this abhorrent behavior…how dare someone mow their grass!


THIS is what passes for an “educator” these days? This person is so caught up in her lingo and hate for all things normal that she makes absolutely zero sense.

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