• May 18, 2024

VIDEO: CNN Reporter CAUGHT LIVE Talking About Sexual Subject Matter In Front Of Small Children!

 VIDEO: CNN Reporter CAUGHT LIVE Talking About Sexual Subject Matter In Front Of Small Children!

Everyone has their own New Year’s Eve Traditions to help them ring in the new year and they are interesting in their own way, however CNN’s tradition of late has been to do as many things offensive as possible.

Where some folks might go out to a party or a family man like myself will watch the same movie every year with my wife and kids until about eleven forty five and then watch the ball drop, CNN has been the type that has been more content to just make jackasses of themselves than do anything else.

Can you imagine any of the legendary news people of years ago reporting live from Times Square on New Year’s Eve and having a flash in their hand drinking from it as they talked about the ball dropping.

It would destroy any credibility they had because everyone would be thinking about that the first time they did a normal newscast.

CNN has a big credibility problem and some of the things that they did on New Year’s Eve certainly did not help matters.

Via Daily Wire:

CNN reporter Leyla Santiago discussed sexually-charged subject matter during CNN’s New Year’s Eve coverage on Monday night in front of a small child. With the young girl standing right behind her, Santiago asked people about the color of their underwear and said wearing red is good for “the love.”

“I do want to talk about one more tradition,” Santiago said. “And that is, if you wear red underwear, if you wear red underwear, it is good for the love … of 2019.”

Santiago proceeded to creepily ask a man standing near her what color underwear he was wearing as the little girl stood behind her and watched her every move.

CNN’s Brooke Baldwin and Don Lemon — who are often behind many of the network’s more absurd moments — appeared on a split-screen where they talked about not wearing any underwear.

Santiago then started handing out red underwear and threw red underwear at the camera crew.


Can you imagine Walter Cronkite doing something like this?

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