VICTORY: Judge BLOCKS New York From Turning Over President Trump’s Tax Returns

President Trump has won a temporary victory in the courts, when a judge in New York agreed to keep the state from turning over the president’s taxes while they argue that the law is unconstitutional.

NBC NEWS – A federal judge ordered New York state authorities Thursday to take no action, for the time being, on turning over President Donald Trump’s state tax returns if they’re requested by Congress.

U.S. District Court Judge Carl Nichols of the District of Columbia agreed with the president’s lawyers, who said if they waited to take legal action until after the tax returns were turned over, it would be too late to challenge the state law because the tax documents would have already been made public.

“We look forward to continuing to make our case in court. This law is constitutional, and we will vigorously defend it,” said Letitia James, New York’s attorney general.

The judge set arguments on the issue for Aug. 29.

Thursday’s order forbids New York officials from delivering any of Trump’s returns to the House Ways and Means Committee and directed them to notify him if any requests for the documents are received from Congress.

Of course, this must be a huge sigh of relief for Trump and in all reality, it makes perfect sense. It would be almost pointless to argue against the law if Trump’s taxes had already been passed from New York to the House Ways and Means committee. Hopefully, the state of New York will abide by this order.

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