Ventriloquist Makes Lewd Remark To A Woman, Says His Dummy Is Innocent [VIDEO]

A ventriloquist was taken by police for questioning that took more than an hour about whether his dummy made offensive sexual remarks to a woman in the street.

David Sampson, from Brinklow, said he decided to speak to the Telegraph in a bid to clear the name of his puppet, ‘Grisweld the Super Dog,’ and to preserve his own reputation as well.

Sampson insists that the alleged incident did not happen because his dummy “doesn’t talk” and it would be impossibe for it to make lewd remarks.

According to reports, local police visited his home before he was grilled over the incident at Rugby Police Station, he said during an interview he attended voluntarily.

He allegedly denied making any rude remarks himself during the reported incident in Brinklow while he was promoting a show that took place on Valentine’s Day.

He said: “I was distributing leaflets. She claimed Grisweld gave her a load of sexual abuse and then hid in my trousers and said ‘why don’t you come and have a feel at this, missus?’

“But Grisweld cannot get in my trousers. It never happened.”

“She claimed Grisweld gave her a load of lewd words.”

“Whenever he’s appeared he’s always under the vet, he’s lost his bark, he doesn’t speak. He’s like Sooty.”

“My dummy can’t speak.”

When asked if he’d made any rude comments himself, he said: “I didn’t. I was absolutely stunned at the language she said was used.”

He believed that the allegations against him are motivated by a personal grudge.

He said: “Two police officers came to see me on a Saturday morning and took my statement about the meeting in the street.”

“Then I had an email saying they would like me to come to the station and make a recorded interview.”

“I said I didn’t want to do that, then the PC came round the following day and said if you don’t make a recorded interview voluntarily you will have to be arrested and taken down to the police station.”

Mr Sampson, who is also a founding member of the Wurzel Bush Folk Club, said he had been performing an act with Grisweld to raise money for Comic Relief and had secured more than £300 in donations on the evening in question.

But the ventriloquist, who says he is the second cousin of famous Coventry ventriloquist Dennis Spicer, fears his record of doing good work has been undone by the recent allegations against him.

“Grisweld is definitely innocent, okay.”, he said.

Source: Daily Mail


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