• May 25, 2024

Urgent- China Poised To Attack America During Peak Financial / Social Chaos

 Urgent- China Poised To Attack America During Peak Financial / Social Chaos

(Natural News) I need to urgently get this message out, and there’s no time to write it up properly. Notes only, please excuse any typos:

– See recent article, three unmistakable signs of the coming war: Pompeo ordering Americans to return home, Pentagon ordering NORAD staffers into an underground bunker, Trump activating one million reservists to active status, focusing on battlefield medicine.

– China looking to exploit the economic chaos and coming social chaos to unleash new waves of attacks against the USA.

– Financial attack: Attempting to topple the dollar as the world reserve currency by announcing a new China-backed, gold-backed currency while selling off all US Treasury debt, collapsing America’s ability to sell new debt and forcing the USA to print new money to buy its own debt (hyperinflation currency collapse).

– Cyber attack: Hitting the power grid in a simultaneous cyber attack, also targeting nuclear facility and others power generation stations that have cyber vulnerability. All vulnerabilities already scanned and documented by China, ready to launch scripted assault wave. Would produce instant “lights out” chaos across America, followed by immediate nationwide panic as the internet and mobile phones go down.

– Kinetic attack: Possibility of Chicom-led Narco attack through the Southern border, perhaps focusing on Arizona as the weak point to invade, or an attempted stealth “port landing” via California and treasonous Gov. Newsom, who must be arrested and tried for treason along with Sen. Feinstein, a 20-year spy for China. Would be combined with financial and cyber attacks for maximum penetration.

– Terror attacks: Activating terror cells (both narco and Islamic terror cells) which have been put in place either by China or Russia, a simultaneous suicide assault on key infrastructure points, including dams, power stations and military installations. Possibly might include water systems, cutting fiber optic lines that carry comms, hitting U.S. dams, sabotaging refineries with mortars, or long-range rifle fire taking out power substations.

– Biological weapons, version 2, version 3, etc.: China may unleash more advanced biological weapons, way beyond the Wuhan coronavirus, to infect vulnerable Americans who China knows suffer from obesity, heart disease and high blood pressure (about HALF the adults or more). Second wave of weapons will evade any vaccine attempt by the CDC and NIH (Dr. Fauci, Mr. Vaccine).

– China running rapid expansion of territory in disputed ocean territories near Taiwan, Philippines, etc. Building up artificial islands with military equipment and 12-mile ocean waters territory claims to control all ocean traffic and claim natural resources, plus establish military bases with long runways to ferry military aircraft, bombers, etc.

– TIMING: China will wait not just for peak coronavirus deaths, but rather peak chaos which is combination of financial chaos and social chaos. Riots in the major cities, as lockdowns extend, joblessness ramps up, the free money from the Fed runs out, people can’t feed themselves, riots in the streets, calls for a left-wing socialist revolution, cities plunged into chaos, then mass homelessness. A whole new wave of millions of homeless will appear across America before the end of this year.

– Trump is way ahead of the game, was already waging economic war with China to collapse their domestic economy before the coronavirus, preventing China from having necessary economic power to build a fleet of aircraft carriers that would dominate the world’s oceans and project communism political power to nearly every nation across the globe. Pompeo is also way ahead of the game here and has set things into motion to take out China before China can take out the USA (it’s now a winner-takes-all global war, being waged behind the scenes but soon to explode into public view). Pompeo is a hard ass, but he’s on America’s side as far as we can tell.

– The recent ordering of Pentagon staffers into deep underground bunkers is in anticipation of a possible first strike suicide attack by China, which is running out of options quickly. China getting hit by new demand-collapse wave following their initial supply-collapse wave, meaning the world’s orders for China-made products has now collapsed, even if China could run its factories, nobody is buying. China ran very high debt-to-GDP ratios before all this.

– One primary target to take out China is the Three Gorges Dam, which can be struck from long-range kinetic weapons, stealth cruise missiles or other means.  This single dam provides a huge portion of the electricity for China. It is by far the largest hydroelectric dam in the world (22,500 MW). Taking it out would cripple China’s evil communist regime for decades to come, but it would also be a humanitarian and ecological apocalypse, for which America would be forever blamed. (It would ultimately kill more people than died in the bombing of Hiroshima with the atomic bomb.)

– China is on the verge of economic and environmental collapse. Only their draconian, anti-human tyranny is holding the nation together. The US knows that if a bit more economic pain can be inflicted upon China, its own people will rise up and overthrow the regime. However, China is attempting to same tactic against the USA, hoping a popular socialist-leaning uprising will take out Trump and turn America into a socialist, then communist nation. The Fed’s big bailouts are essentially “fiscal socialism,” by the way, and the Fed will soon own most of the businesses, banks, financial instruments and debt holdings in America.

– Russia just wants to keep energy prices high and cement its position of energy and military tech dominance, so Russia is happy to see China and the USA destroy each other as much as possible, while Russia builds more pipelines and cutting edge weapons tech, such as the nuclear-powered insanely fast cruise missile exotic tech they’ve been playing with. Mach 9? Look into shipping container-mounted mobile nuclear weapons silos that are almost indistinguishable from regular shipping containers. Brannon Howse describes that tech in this “Pearl Harbor 2.0” video that’s worth watching:


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