University Bans Whitey From New Student Lounge

American University just built a brand new student lounge, whose object was to become the home for students to use for “’a community space that student organizations can use however they would like,’ with open mic nights, slam poetry and ‘other student-initiated programming,”  But as it turns out it’s not to be used by all students.  After giving the university a list of demands, the lounge is officially out of bounds for whitey.  Here’s hoping that American University has a University of Missouri moment when they are forced to start laying people off and shutting down dorms over laying down and agreeing to the demands of the radical leftists.  No word on whether whitey will ever be allowed to use the lounge their tuition helped pay for.

 The black activists say they have taken over the student lounge as a “sanctuary” for people of color as a “bare minimum” of their demands.

One of the activists had the grapes to refer to the list of three demands as “reasonable.” After all, the group is only “interested in building the kind of community which we are all proud of.”

Did you catch the irony? Maybe you’re laughing too hard.

In this leftist activist’s prideful scenario black students and other POC will have full access to and control over the choice spaces on campus, while self-hating white students skulk and grovel about in the background.

This isn’t political correctness run amok. This is collective punishment based on whiteness — the unjust result of a racial coup at American University by black activists, per the approval of a cowardly liberal administration.

Speaking of safe spaces, what safe spaces will there be left in America for other white people when they have been duly marginalized and have become a minority? National crime statistics alone paint a grim picture of black-on-white criminality that far outweighs white-on-black criminality per capita based on demographics (blacks comprise only 13 percent of the U.S. population, whites 63 percent).

H/T US Herald


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