• April 13, 2024

Unhinged Woman Smashes Ex-Partner’s Vehicle While Children are in It [VIDEO]

 Unhinged Woman Smashes Ex-Partner’s Vehicle While Children are in It [VIDEO]

Woman traumatizes her children when she smashed out all the windows of her ex-partner’s SUV, with glass raining down on the children.  The children can be heard screaming for their daddy.  The woman smashed out every window and every light on her ex-partner’s black Range Rover.  The little girl had a bleeding gash on her elbow.

 Throughout the ordeal two children, a boy and a girl sat in the back seats, scream.

The man can he heard telling the woman to be careful of the ‘babies’ but she pays no attention and continues her assault.
Then the mother picks them up and takes them to another car, drawing the attack to a close.

A spot of blood can be seen trickling down the young girl’s elbow as she is taken from the destroyed vehicle by her mother.

The video was shot by the ex-husband from inside the car that was parked in a seemingly leafy residential area of New Jersey.

A caption with the clip, that was uploaded to YouTube on Tuesday, says the family are of Dominican descent and that the unnamed woman was in a fit of jealous rage.

She was expected to hand herself over to the authorities yesterday, but did not show, making her a fugitive, according to the caption.

Relatives told Univision the driver is the woman’s ex-husband and the two children, 3 and 5, are their children.

‘This is very sad, right?’ the woman’s cousin, who chose not be identified, told Univision in Spanish. ‘This is not right. I don’t know why this happened.’

‘You’re going to rot in prison, you heard?’ the man said to her during the violent ordeal.

H/T The Mail Online

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