UMich Students Demand NO-WHITES As $10 Million Multicultural Center Is Built

While the University of Michigan builds a $10 million multicultural center, a student group is demanding a space for black students only so that these students can do social justice work.

The group, Students4Justice, issued demands for the no-whites space to the university earlier this month, as reported by The Michigan Review.


Meanwhile, UMich is still in the process of building a $10 million multicultural center to replace an old multicultural center on the periphery of campus.

“The old center was on the margin of our campus, so sometimes (our students) felt like they were on the margins,” said Vice President for Student Life E. Royster Harper.

“We want a space solely dedicated to community organizing and social justice work specifically for people of color,” addressing why the no-whites space is needed in addition to the multicultural center.

Students4Justice has issued a petition in which the members state their outrage over UMich President Mark Schlissel’s disregarding of their demands. The petition had 129 supporters at the time of publication. While the majority of the 32 comments on the petition appear to have come from students who genuinely want the president to take action on behalf of Students4Justice, at least four users appear to have posted stories parodying incidents of racism.



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