Two Puppies Fall Into A Cobra’s Lair, No One Will Believe The Outcome [PHOTO]

We often hear amazing stories about the animal world, and the more dangerous an animal is, the more incredible the story often turns out to be.

This particular story took place in the Indian state of Punjab. Two small puppies accidentally fell into a well. The pit was very deep, and they couldn’t get out on their own. Their owner soon noticed that they were missing, later hearing their mother’s loud, incessant barking.

For whatever reason, the cobra didn’t’ attack the shivering puppies – instead, it appeared to be protecting them! The man was rather shocked to see that the snake hadn’t harmed to pups! I have to admit, so was I!

The two puppies were found in the safest part of the well. Even though the pups were in the well for more than 48 hours, they are now safe! After all that, I hope someone helped the snake, I can’t imagine it wasn’t to be stuck in that well!


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