Two Possibly Muslim African Refugees Molest 6 Women and 7 Girls

Swedish police refuse to give out the names or religious affiliations of two African men who were arrested for multiple sexual assaults on girls as young as eleven.  That tells me they are Muslim as most Africans are and they don’t want people to think they are bigoted against Muslims.  They each molested three grown women and three underage girls separately and together they assaulted a fifteen year old girl.

 Two African migrants have been arrested and charged with sexual assault after sexually abusing multiple women and young girls including an 11-year-old.

The pair, both migrants from Africa aged 27 and 30, are accused of sexually harassing and abusing women and girls in Stockholm and Uppsala over a period from October of last year to April 2017. The men each molested three women and three children separately and one 15-year-old together, Afton Bladet reports.

One incident, which occurred on Christmas Eve, saw a 25-year-old woman attacked in the basement of a shopping centre where she worked. The woman claims she went to the basement to get extra wrapping paper for gifts when the 27-year-old molested her by lifting her shirt and groping her.

The youngest victim of the unnamed 27-year-old was an 11-year-old girl. The attack took place at the Stockholm Central railway station and saw the man sit next to the young girl and her grandmother where he then gripped the young girl’s thigh close to her genital area.

The 30-year-old migrant is said to have sexually molested a young woman leaving a metro station in Stockholm. The migrant allegedly grabbed her by the hair, licked her and pressed his exposed genitals against her. The woman later said after the incident, “I felt very nauseous, I showered, washed my hair and dress.”

The pair molested a 15-year-old girl together on a train bound for Stockholm. The two migrants allegedly sat next to the young girl, made disparaging remarks until she attempted to change her seat. The migrants followed the girl and the 30-year-old put his hand on her thigh asking her for sex.

The migrants followed the girl and the 30-year-old put his hand on her thigh asking her for sex. Friends of the girl got her away from the men and called the police who arrived a short time later.

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