Two Investigations Launched Against Loretta Lynch [VIDEO]

A second investigation has been launched into the actions of Loretta Lynch in obstructing justice in the Hillary Clinton email scandal.  The Senate Judiciary Committee just started an investigation into charges that Lynch obstructed justice as it pertains to Hillary.

Now, the Inspector General of the Dept of Justice has announced that he too will be looking into the actions of Lynch after James Comey testified that she ordered him not to call the investigation into Hillary an investigation.

He will also be investigating the infamous runway meeting between Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton as well as the allegation that Lynch promised Hillary operative that the investigation would not go “too far.”

The DoJ watchdog’s probe was revealed Saturday by House oversight committee chairman Jason Chaffetz in an interview with Fox & Friends, and joins a Senate Judiciary Committee inquiry into Lynch.

Chaffetz, a Republican representative from Utah, said DoJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz ‘has been diving into this’ and is expected to release a report on Lynch’s oversight of the now-closed FBI investigations in ‘the first part of next year.’

Lynch led the Justice Department as attorney general while the FBI was investigating Clinton’s use of a private email server as Secretary of State, and Republicans have raised fears that Lynch interfered in the investigations.

Those fears reached a peak after Bill Clinton spoke privately with Lynch on the tarmac of a Phoenix airport last summer, sparking concern that he appealed to her for help quashing the investigation.

Lynch’s potential role in the email investigation resurfaced on May 3, when former FBI Director James Comey told Congress that Lynch instructed him to call the investigation a ‘matter’ in public comments, mirroring the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign’s language.

Comey also hinted that he took the extraordinary step last July of speaking out about the email investigation because of fears over interference into the probe by Justice Department leadership.

H/T The Mail Online


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