Two Boys Notice Something Strange On The Train Tracks Before Realizing What It Actually Is (Photos)

During a walk around the train tracks, two brothers saw something that didn’t look quite right. Stuck between the rails was a strange creature—and it was clearly struggling to get out.

Later, they realize its a tortoise stuck between the rails.

Only, when they got closer, they realized they were in for quite the rescue!

First, they tried pushing him out, but he was wedged in there too tightly.

He refused to move. Making matters worse, he started to resist their help… which only trapped him further. They wondered how he had gotten struck there in the first place, given that he could barely move an inch!

Realizing that a train could arrive at any moment, the brothers promptly called their local animal control to help out the poor little guy. If a train came barreling down on them, there would be no time to waste…

With some hard work—and a whole bunch of helping hands—they were finally able to free the trapped tortoise. Though they were trying to help, the tortoise was none too pleased about being handled!

Boy, was he glad to be out! He might not have been able to say thank you, but one imagines he was pretty psyched about his regained freedom. Not only that, but it was just in time, as the train was due to arrive soon.

Slowly, he started to crawl away from the scene. The look on his face indicated that he was eager to make it back to some form of shelter… presumably far away from trains! Everyone was relieved when he started heading away from the tracks

The brothers proudly looked on as the little guy finally returned home. He was back in his natural habitat, where he would hopefully try to avoid going anywhere near the train tracks ever again… or so they hoped.

As most people know, tortoises are extremely slow animals, in large part because of the fact that they are forced to carry heavy shells on their bodies. That makes getting from place to place difficult.

That’s why it was such a miracle that those two young men were able to get that tortoise out of harm’s way in time. Besides being slow, tortoises aren’t particularly agile creatures, either.

It’s a good thing these brothers called animal control for help. When you see an animal in trouble, it’s best to leave it to the professionals!

Article Sources: The Shred/Facebook, Honest To Paws, Photo Credit: Honest To Paws

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