Twitter Has Sickeningly CENSORED The Audit!

 Twitter Has Sickeningly CENSORED The Audit!


At this point in time, nothing surprises me anymore especially when it comes to big tech and their control on the American people.

Twitter and Facebook already have shown their control in recent months by kicking off the president of the United States from social media platforms so why would they stop there?

In a not too shocking twist, Twitter has permanently banned Arizona’s Audit’s official Twitter account and the Audit War Room’s account.

Are you at all shocked by this?

I didn’t think you were either.

If you aren’t on Twitter or even know what these accounts were doing let me give you a brief rundown for a moment.

These accounts would frequently tweet updates on the Arizona audit and would also call out lawmakers who weren’t supportive of the audit.

According to Twitter both of the accounts were deleted for violating Twitter rules regarding “spam and manipulation”.

And we all know that is a load of crap.

They did not want these accounts on their platforms since it goes against the narrative that they have so carefully fashioned to make the American people believe that Biden actually won the election.


The Gateway Pundit broke the story and released these details:

Earlier today Twitter permanently suspended all nine of the official ‘Audit War Room’ accounts from its platform.

The accounts were a main source for breaking updates and were banned as part of big tech’s continued attempt to shield the public from the stunning revelations being found regarding the fraudulent 2020 election.

The ban was issued just weeks before Arizona’s final audit report is set to come out and as multiple states are getting ready to start audits of their own.

The suspended accounts were crucial for exposing voter discrepancies and providing the public with important updates regarding the forensic audits.

Wendy Rogers tweeted the news, warning that she may be the next victim of the Twitter purge to remove any accounts that spread any information on audit findings.

Also, it is important to note that these bans come shortly after the House started its January 6th hearings.


Not a chance.

The whole hearing was as if it was all scripted and the officers that testified implied that Trump is a “hitman” and his supporters are “terrorists”.

We live in lunacy and it just keeps getting crazier by the day.

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