Twitter Bitch Slaps Rosie O’Donnell Over Embarrassingly Inaccurate Tweet

Rosie O’Donnell whose Secret Service code name is Fat and Furious, who is a long time Trump hater and who holds the distinction of being the only cast member to be tossed off The View twice went on a Twitter rant that exposed that her knowledge of  government is equal to or lesser than that of the average aborted baby at Planned Parenthood possesses.  She tweeted that WHEN TRUMP GOES SO DOES SESSIONS AND GORSUCH GETS REMOVED GARLAND SWORN IN

Where do I begin with such nonsense? it begs the question, What Came First, the Liberal or the Mental Disease? First of all, Sessions would only go if Mike Pence wants him gone. That is not likely since the two men worked in the Senate together and share a vast amount of common ground on issues. Gorsuch has been confirmed by the Senate for a lifetime appointment. He’s there to stay as long as he lives and he wants to remain.
The mechanism to make Garland a Supreme Court judge begins with a president nominating him. Mike Pence would never nominate garland.

Executive orders don’t go away when a new president takes office. The new president would have to write a new executive order nullifying the ones Trump signed. But the biggest lie in Rosie’s post is that Trump will be impeached. But even Nancy Pelosi said two days ago during an interview that there are no grounds for impeachment. It’s all a figment of Crazy Auntie Maxine Waters imagination.

Twitter World is ganging up on Rosie over her badly misinformed tweet:Each one pointing out why everything she said was wrong.  Or lying.  That one is too close to call.



Steven Ahle

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