Twenty Embarrassing Questions About Sex Answered For You [PHOTOS]

 Twenty Embarrassing Questions About Sex Answered For You [PHOTOS]

The one thing that men and women know the most and least about is sex.  Women have known for centuries that the only thing men were good for, they weren’t good at.  But women have a huge advantage over men.  No matter how bad they are at sex, there will always be men willing to have sex with her.  Men don’t care.

Which brings me to the question, “Why do women fake orgasms?”  I pondered that question for the better part of two weeks when the answer suddenly hit me.  They must think men give a damn.  I mean seriously.  Women should replace their G-Spot with a golf ball.  I mean men have been known to look for a golf ball and occasionally they find one.

So, here are twenty questions about sex and an answer for those questions, although I won’t vouch for their accuracy:

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