TV Host Awkwardly Points Out Colleague’s Wardrobe Malfunction During Live Broadcast

Josie Gibson, the former Big Brother winner, was a guest on This Morning for a segment about ghost hunting. She was dressed in the Ghostbusters outfit, and jumped from behind a tree as part of her appearance. However, when she got in front of the camera, it quickly became clear that her pants were split at the front.

Not missing a beat, Holly joked: “Josie, I mean it’s quite exciting isn’t it? You’re very brave that’s for sure.” She then mentioned the wardrobe malfunction: “Urm, now I’m just going to ask you this, just for an outfit point of view. You’ve got a little split there, was that supposed to happen? Is that some overzealous ghost busting maybe?”

Josie, not letting Holly laugh at her expense, calmly replied: “Well what happened, I was filling up the car in the petrol station and I had a little accident, and it was a bit tight,” adding: “But we’re not going to concentrate on my split for today, we’re going to concentrate on this ghost hunting because we’re going to track down this ghoul.”

Holly threw a glance at her co-host, Phillip Schofield, and then told Josie: “I agree.”

Phil, in a bid to move past the awkward moment, asked: “Hold on, you filled up the car dressed like that?”

Josie smiled at the camera and did not reply to the question, so Phil continued: “This is the most bizarre start to a show, we’ll leave it at that.”

Holly then chimed in: “Josie we will see you in a bit – keep ghost busting.”

Viewers were quick to comment about the moment, and many noted how awkward it was.

Sources: Metro



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