• May 18, 2024

Tucker Vs. Gay Anti-Trump Protester — Two Men Enter, One MAN Leaves

 Tucker Vs. Gay Anti-Trump Protester — Two Men Enter, One MAN Leaves

Shane Saunders, one of the “Not My President’s Day” protest organizers, struggled to tell Tucker Carlson Monday night why he — “as a gay man” — is afraid of Donald Trump.

After Saunders cited his sexual preferences, Carlson pressed him, to which the activist accused The Daily Caller founder of “twisting [his] words.”

“I’m not,” Carlson responded. “You just said you were protesting Trump because you’re fearful, particularly as you said ‘as a gay man.’ I asked you what is he going to do to you as a gay man, and you said nothing really.”

“My being gay is not the point of this,” Saunders shot back. “It’s well known that there’s potential legislation out there. There was a leaked report… I made an off the cuff remark about being a gay man, and I feel like I’ve been talking about that more than the actual protest itself. If you’d like to get back to talking about the protest, I’d be more than happy too.”

“I asked you why you were protesting,” Carlson pushed forward. “You said there’s a bunch of reasons, here’s one of them. I said I heard friends saying I’m gay and I’m scared of President Trump. You brought it up.”

“I also brought up the tax day protests,” Saunders answered. “We seem to kind of want to pigeon hole away from Trump’s taxes, which still have not been released.”

“I’m making the mistake of taking you seriously,” the Fox News host finally joked. “Which I will never do again.”


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