Tucker Carlson Went Live With Ted Cruz And Ripped Him Apart! [VIDEO]

It was a rough week for Ted Cruz last week and it didn’t get any better as he headed into the weekend.

In case you need a quick recap of what Cruz did to find himself in hot water here’s the quick rundown.


When Cruz was speaking about the January 6 event that occurred last year, he morphed into a liberal moron and adopted the same exact tone and narrative the left has been pushing.

Cruz even added the cherry on the top by calling the folks who were at the Capitol “terrorists.”

Seriously, what is Ted smoking?

Nobody at the Capitol was charged with terrorism.

Nobody at the Capitol was charged with insurrection.

Ted now sounds like Merrick Garland, not a conservative fighter.


Obviously, Cruz caught wind that he was on the receiving end of massive backlash so he appeared on Tucker Carlson last Thursday evening in an attempt to “smooth” things over.

What do you think happened?

Well, I can say with 100% certainty, Carlson did not give the senator a free pass at all.

After a brief introduction that pointed out how carefully Cruz – who has an extensive legal background – picks his words, Tucker did not hold back at all.

“You called this a terror attack when by no definition, was it a terror attack.

That’s a lie. You told that lie on purpose, and I’m wondering why you did.”

Instead of owning his comments that went into the official Senate record, Cruz attempted to slither away by casually downplaying his words as a “sloppy, dumb” mistake.

“Well, Tucker, thank you for having me on. When you aired your episode last night, I sent you a text shortly thereafter and said, listen, I’d like to go on because of – Oh, the way I phrased things yesterday – it was sloppy and it was frankly dumb..”

Not buying it for a second, Carlson quickly interjects, calling him out on his lie again, and pointing out that this is a pretty weak excuse coming from a “Supreme Court contender.”

“Look, I’ve known you a long time. Since before you went to the Senate, you’re a Supreme court contender.

You take words as seriously as any man who’s ever served in the Senate. And every word you repeated that phrase. I do not believe that you use that accidentally. I just don’t.” 

Cruz responds by blaming ‘a lot’ of people for misunderstanding what he meant, claiming that his comments were in reference to just a “limited number of people” who had clashed with Capitol Police officers.

So Tucker, as a result of my sloppy phrasing, it’s caused a lot of people to misunderstand what I meant.

Let me tell you what I meant. What I was referring to are the limited number of people who engaged in violent attacks against police officers. I think you and I both agree that if you assault a police officer, you should go to jail.

How convenient. It’s all a simple mix-up. Spoken like a professional politician.

Cruz then builds a straw man, claiming that he was not referring to the “millions of patriots across the country,” adding that he has always referred to anyone who assaults a law enforcement official as a “terrorist” – apparently, “dozens if not hundreds of times” throughout his career.

That’s who I was talking about. And the reason the phrasing was sloppy is I have talked dozens if not hundreds of times, I’ve drawn a distinction. I wasn’t saying that the thousands of peaceful protestors supporting Donald Trump are somehow terrorists. I wasn’t saying the millions of patriots across the country, supporting president Trump are terrorists. And that’s what a lot of people have misunderstood that.”

But assaulting a police officer is a long way away from terrorism – by any measure – which is what Carlson quickly points out.

Plus, not one American has been charged with terrorism, Carlson adds before pressuring Cruz for a straight answer.

“Hold on a second. What you just said doesn’t make sense.

So if somebody assaults a cop, he should be charged and go to jail – I couldn’t agree more. We have said that for years – but that person’s still not a terrorist. How many people have been charged with terrorism on January 6?

Like why’d you use that word? You’re playing into the other side’s characterization, that as Joe Kent just explained, allows them to define an entire population as foreiegn combatants. And you know that so why’d you do it?”

In too deep by this point, Cruz doubles down. Apparently, his comments were never a mistake after all. He meant what he said, people are just misunderstanding because they didn’t know he calls everyone who does this a terrorist.

“So Tucker, let me answer you directly. The reason I’ve used that word  for a decade, I have referred to people who violently assault police officers as terrorists.

I’ve done so over and over and over again. If you look at all the assaults we’ve seen across the country, I’ve called that terrorism over and over again.”

As noted above, not a good enough excuse from a former Supreme Court contender and one of the most articulate members of the Senate, especially considering he has never referred to these people as terrorists before.

“I just don’t believe you,” Carlson exclaims, before tearing into him again about parroting the Left’s insurrection lies.

So much for Cruz’s lofty aspirations for the 2024 ticket.


Cruz also took to Twitter run damage control, sticking to his excuse that his poor phrasing has caused a misunderstanding:

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