Tucker Carlson EXPOSES Top Congressman For Major Secret!

 Tucker Carlson EXPOSES Top Congressman For Major Secret!

Now, this is interesting and it totally changes the dynamics on why Republicans have been slow to pull the trigger and go after big tech companies.

Are you ready for this?

Tucker Carlson (the man and legend of our time) has uncovered that House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and “Google lobbyist” Frank Luntz have been bunkmates. These two cozy best buddies are in fact, living together in Luntz’s apartment as roommates according to an anonymous tip.

So Carlson doing the journalistic job that most of these moron leftists on other networks refuse to do reached out to McCarthy’s spokesperson who of course, denied the claim.

However, that same spokesperson called Carlson back to “correct” her mistake, saying that due to COVID McCarthy has indeed rented a room in DC but gave no further details.

Fox News covered the story and shared this monologue of Tucker’s bombshell report:

Tucker Carlson explained on his show that he received a tip from someone he considered ‘reliable’ that House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy was living with pollster Frank Luntz. Last week, the ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ host laced into the pollster question why he ‘remained a fixture’ in Republican politics.

TUCKER: Over the weekend, we got a call from a source who said that, in fact, Frank Luntz and Kevin McCarthy are not simply friends, they’re roommates. Kevin McCarthy lives in Luntz’s apartment in downtown Washington. That’s what we were told, and honestly, we did not believe it. The top Republican in the House lives with a Google lobbyist? Come on. Even by the sleazy and corrupt standards of politics in Washington, that didn’t seem possible. In fact, it sounded like a joke.

This morning, since we heard it we called to check with Kevin McCarthy’s spokeswoman, and when we raised this she all but chuckled at the suggestion, “No when he’s in Washington,” she told us, “Kevin McCarthy rents hotel rooms, or sleeps in his office in the Capitol. He certainly isn’t living with Frank Luntz.”

Two hours later we got this text. “Following up on our conversation from earlier today. Because of the pandemic, McCarthy has rented a room in Washington at a fair market price from Frank.”

The Hill covered Carlson’s report too and had this to say:

Tucker Carlson attacked House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy late Monday for what the Fox News host described as an overly cozy relationship between the California Republican and longtime GOP pollster Frank Luntz, adding that his show received a tip that McCarthy has been living with Luntz in Washington, D.C.

“Why do Republican officials listen more carefully to Frank Luntz than they do their own voters?” Carlson asked during a segment on his program.

Carlson suggested Luntz has stated opinions in favor of and lobbied on behalf of “some of the most left-leaning” causes in America.

On Friday, Carlson told his viewers Luntz has stated his “personal friendship” with McCarthy and expressed confusion at the close ties between the two Washington, D.C. power brokers.

“That relationship gives Luntz outsized influence over the Republican Party’s policy positions,” Carlson said.

Before Carlson’s big report on Luntz and McCarthy being roommates, he did a separate story about Frank Luntz’s influence on the Republican party.

Tucker really did some deep digging on this report:



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