Trump’s Takeover of The White House Website Was SWIFT and RUTHLESS

As Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th president of the United States, the White House website changed dramatically.

The website changed at 12:01 P.M., just after Trump became the president. The site is steadily being updated to reflect the policies of the new administration, with the policies of the former administration disappearing.

Rather than displaying information about President Barack Obama’s legacy, the website’s home page now reads “Let’s Make America Great Again, Together,” with the subtitle reading, “The movement continues — the work begins.”

The site previously featured an image of Barack Obama with the words “Yes, we did. Yes, we can.”


The policy pages have all been changed to emphasize the “America first” approach Trump stressed on the campaign trail and in his inaugural address.

Trump has repeatedly threatened to undo many of the policies put in place during the Obama administration, and the changes to the site highlight this aspiration.

In addition to the administration pages, the policy pages have changed completely. The climate change page, for instance, has vanished entirely, along with the pages on foreign policy, the Iran deal, healthcare, immigration, and others.

The LGBT pages are also gone.

In their place, viewers can read about bringing jobs back to the U.S., strengthening the military, standing up for law enforcement, making trade work for America, and building an America first foreign policy.

All traces of President Barack Obama and his administration have been expunged from the website, signaling the beginning of a new administration.


E. Goldstein

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