• May 24, 2024

Trump Supporter at Rally Attacked by Antifa Thugs, Police Ignore [WATCH]

 Trump Supporter at Rally Attacked by Antifa Thugs, Police Ignore [WATCH]

Last night a supporter of President Trump was attacked by Antifa thugs outside of a political rally in Kentucky while police stood by and did not detain or arrest those responsible for the attack..

Conservative reporter Andy Ngo has the story:

“Kaitlin Bennett (in the pink wig on the right) was attacked by an anti-Trump protester near Trump’s rally in Lexington, Ky. The man wrestled microphone from her and threw it. She says police did not detain or arrest him. #antifa”

The reactions to the assault were quick.


What do you think about the police response to the latest ANTIFA attack?




  • And I am called anti Law enforcement for noting that they do not exactly stand with us. They routinely stand down as people are assaulted. They routinely violate rights. YouTube has a multitude of videos showing this. Support the Second Amendment? LE and the National Guard took people’s legallybowned weapons for “safety”. People had to sue to get their property back. Many were ruined by LE. Rendering them inoperable.

    Them standing by as these events happen? In years to come. They will used the excuse like the nazis did. I was just following orders.

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