• July 15, 2024

Trump Just Went Head-to-Head In A Poll With Obama – and DESTROYED HIM!

 Trump Just Went Head-to-Head In A Poll With Obama – and DESTROYED HIM!

President-elect Donald Trump beat President Barack Obama in a head-to-head poll published Wednesday by Morning Consult.

The poll asked the question: “Who would win between Trump and Obama?” and was released shortly after Obama expressed confidence that he would win in a race against Trump instead of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

Trump led the poll, earning 45 percent of the hypothetical vote. Obama earned 44 percent, a close second. It’s surprising that Obama did so poorly against Trump because the outgoing president has a solid 10 percent lead over Trump’s approval rating. Obama earned a 54 percent approval rating in the latest Bloomberg poll, compared to Trump’s 44 percent in the last Economist/Yougov poll.

Voters generally want Trump to focus on jobs, one of the key platforms of Trump’s campaign. Forty-eight percent said they wanted Trump to focus on bringing back manufacturing jobs, and 47 percent of voters want Trump to focus on bringing jobs back to the United States from other countries.

The poll also revealed that 49 percent of voters felt Trump should address healing the nation in his inauguration speech.

“It’s no surprise that Americans want Trump to focus on jobs in his inauguration speech,” poll director for Morning Consult Kyle Dropp wrote in the accompanying statement. “It is one of the messages his supporters liked most during the election and has continued as a major focus of his since he was elected president.”

The poll was conducted from Dec. 28 through Dec. 29, and included 2,000 registered voters. The poll carried a margin of error 2 percentage points in either direction.


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