• April 13, 2024

Trey Gowdy Takes First Step in Eliminating the Deep State [VIDEO]

 Trey Gowdy Takes First Step in Eliminating the Deep State [VIDEO]

Things were so much easier for Trey Gowdy when he was a federal prosecutor. If he had discovered an operation like the criminal Obama administration, he would call them up on RICO charges and put them away for a long long time. In government things are not that easy, but that only means Gowdy has to find an alternative way to slay the dragon.

This he has done and he has announced his intentions to dismantle the way the NSA operates. When the original bill was written it was done in such a way that it would have to be renewed. Gowdy says that isn’t going to happen. Before Obama left office he authorized everyone including the janitor and the doorman to access classified material they can then send to the WaPo or the New York Times.

The “criminal enterprise” known as the Obama Administration is finally being unraveled, and what we’re finally getting to see is just how pervasive and dangerous to our way of life, and how close we came to losing our Republic.

Moreover, the willing accomplices within both Congress and the mainstream media who either ignored or spun the political narrative regarding those egregious acts committed by the White House, by masquerading the facts.

The Comey fiasco is simply another sordid piece of the Obama puzzle, which finally came undone last week, when the former FBI Director admitted under oath that he was a willing collaborator to then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch regarding the Clinton investigation, by politically downplaying the probe.

H/T US Herald

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