TOLD YA! Democrat Has Just Been Sentenced To Prison For Big Time Election Fraud….

Michael J. “Ozzie” Myers is a former democrat U.S. representative who became infamous for his role in the 1970s scandal when he was convicted of bribery and conspiracy after he took money from undercover FBI agents.

Myers was expelled from Congress in 1980 and spent a year in prison.

The now 79-year-old didn’t learn any lessons back then because he’s just been sent back to prison for stuffing ballots for democrats.

A judge gave Myers a 30-month sentence for federal election fraud.

Myers admitted to padding vote tallies for many of his political consulting clients in Philadelphia between 2014 and 2018.

Many of these candidates were allegedly running to be judges!

The Associated Press reports on the disgraced democrat:

A former congressman from Philadelphia who went to prison over the 1970s-era Abscam scandal was sent back to prison Tuesday at age 79 in a ballot stuffing case.

Former Democratic U.S. Rep. Michael J. “Ozzie” Myers was sentenced to 2 1/2 years in prison by a judge who questioned whether he had learned any lessons over the years. Myers admitted he had worked with election officials to pad the vote tallies of his political consulting clients. Some were running for city judgeships.

“Myers would solicit payments from his clients in the form of cash or checks as ‘consulting fees,’ and then use portions of these funds to pay election officials to tamper with election results,” U.S. Attorney Jacqueline Romero said in a statement after the hearing.

Myers participated in bribery, obstruction of justice, falsifying voting records, and conspiracy.

He took part to stuff ballot boxes for democrats between 2014 and 2018!

CNN also reported on Ozzie’s crimes:

Myers, 79, pleaded guilty in June to conspiracy to deprive voters of civil rights, bribery, obstruction of justice, falsification of voting records, and conspiring to illegally vote in a federal election as part of scams to stuff ballot boxes for certain Democratic candidates in Pennsylvania elections between 2014 and 2018, the DOJ said in a news release.

Prosecutors said some of the candidates were running to be judges and had hired Myers, who would use portions of “consulting fees” from his clients to pay others to interfere with election results.

Democrats love to pretend that voter fraud isn’t a real thing.

Of course, they do. Because THEY are the ones constantly partaking in it.


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